The majority of homes in the TCU area, typical of those built in the early 1920s and 30s, are small cottages of varied construction.

The TCU neighborhood gets its name from the major land owner in the area, Texas Christian University. The original grantees were Maria Josepha Arocha in 1875, and John W. Asbury in 1863. The university began in Fort Worth in 1873, but left due to the raucous character of this western town. In 1910, the college returned, lured by an offer of 56 acres and $200,000. Fort Worthโ€™s population in the 1910 Census was 73,312, and TCU was then located a long way from the city The presence of the school encouraged development to the southwest as the street car line was routed to the campus, and streets were paved soon after that.

The areas to the east of the present campus, including what is known as Park Ridge and Forest Park Village, have legal descriptions of Frisco Heights, platted in 1906, and Prospect Heights, platted in 1890, but are commonly known as the TCU area. TCU was an early owner of some of that land in 1929, but sold it to individuals soon after that. Part of the area was occupied as early as 1907 with many lots being purchased before 1910. The Fort Worth Development Company began developing some of the land in 1908. One early owner was the McCart family. The area was annexed by Fort Worth in 1922.

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