The Near Southside’s central location in the heart of Fort Worth makes it a short trip from popular destinations in Downtown, the Cultural District, the TCU area, and Southeast Fort Worth.

The Near Southside is also surrounded by several of Fort Worth’s oldest and most distinctive historic neighborhoods. The district is easily accessible via walking, bike, car, or public transportation.

The history of Fort Worth’s Near Southside dates back to just a few decades after the city was founded in 1849. Although commonly known today as home to Fort Worth’s Medical District with five major hospitals, the area originally was much more of a neighborhood than an employment center. At the city’s founding, the Trinity River formed a natural border to the north of Downtown, causing development to head south in the late 1800s, with Fairmount becoming Fort Worth’s first-tier streetcar suburb.

In recent years, property owners have banded together to improve building facades and streetscapes, transforming the appearance of the district and creating value for investors. Progress can now be seen all over as new businesses continue to relocate to the Near Southside and new residents recognize the advantages and appeal of urban living. Things are definitely looking up, and the next decade promises even greater progress.

The Near Southside has been, and continues to be one of the most unique and culturally diverse areas of Fort Worth. Residents and business owners in the Near Southside have an affinity/support system for one another that makes it stand out among other urban villages here in town and on a national scale. – Michael Karol

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