Gently curving streets lined with tall trees wind through Monticello. Large two-story homes dominate some streets, with smaller one story homes on other streets. Styles include Spanish Colonial Revival, Mediterranean- Classical Revival, Tudor Revival and Period Revival, to mention a few.

Monticello is located two miles west of the Fort Worth Central Business District and was included in the 1854 Joseph W. Conner Survey. It is bounded on the north by White Settlement Road, on the east by Bailey Ave., the south by 4th Street and the west by Westview. It was called “the subdivision with a personality” when development began in 1928. The entrance to Monticello is on West Seventh Street.

The northern boundary of Monticello is White Settlement Road, which began as the east-west stage road between Fort Worth and Yuma, Arizona in the 1850s. The Butterfield Stage departed every day from the front door of the El Paso Hotel in downtown Fort Worth to proceed the 1,560 miles to Yuma.

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